CD: Keltisch Midzomer Festival 2010

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Before the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival, there was the Keltisch Midzomer Festival in Bad Nieuweschans. In 2010 this CD was made with 8 of the bands that played there, 2 beautiful songs each. A wonderful memory and fantastic addition to any folk collection.

16 songs:

1. The Drunken Sailor
2. Raggle Taggle Gypsy

3. The Craigh Was 90 In The Isle Of Man
4. Paddle Me Own Canoe

Harmony Glen
5. Cup Of Live
6. Queen Of Argyll

Cochon Bleu
7. Chemise De Beauregard
8. Héron

9. Far Away In Australia
10. Swedish Jig

Noel Shannon
11. Black Is The Colour
12. Long Way Home

13. Irish Air
14. Ploughboy Lads

Myles Brothers
15. Pikeman’s March
16. Scotland The Brave

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