gitouki necklacegitouki necklace

Gitouki coin necklace

 5,00 incl tax

Leather necklace with Fyndlingh, the Rapalje coin


Don’t you love this necklace with the gitouki? It is one of our favourite items. On the leather cord hangs the Fyndlingh, which is our very own currency and can even be used at our Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival, which is held in Groningen each year.

The coin is 3 cm in diameter and made of brass (nickel free). Furthermore the pendant comes with a leather cord, which is adjustable in length. On the front is the Rapalje logo, the gitouki is on the back with the caption “Be Easy And Free”.

This item is an absolute must-have for every fan of Rapalje, Schotland, the gitouki/bouzouki or William! Of course it also makes an amazing gift. It will therefore certainly brighten up the day of the person that you are giving it to.

Our Rapalje jewelry range exists out of four of these necklaces, with each instrument representing one of the members of our band. The gitouki necklace is of course for William, our wonderful singer, gitouki/bodhrán/tea chest base player and our amazing cook. Don’t forget to take a look at the bagpipes, the melodeon and the violin. Furthermore we even have an amazing Zomerfolk Fyndlingh which was especially designed by our violin player Dieb. And remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for lots of music videos and live streams.

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