Together we can help!

We want to support the cultural sector financially! There are beautiful festivals, events, theaters and stages that all make a living from music. We as the band “Rapalje” have talked to many bookers and hear the sad stories about how things should continue now their event has been canceled and no alternative date can be found this year.

There are entire companies with personnel working year-round to organise a beautiful or even several events, who have seen all income evaporate soon after Covid-19 hit. They have to lay off their employees now or in the upcoming winter months or may even go bankrupt because of the fixed costs. With over a 100 performances a year, we as Rapalje, play at many beautiful festivals and stages. We know the people behind these companies personally and have great respect for all of them. That is why we will donate this money directly to the people who otherwise will not make it because of Covid-19.

As a band we depend on our audience as well as the bookers who want us to play at their festivals. We cannot do without these 2 ingredients and with these donations we want to support festivals, theaters, stages, bookers etc.