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Another Easter and we are going to have some fun with songs, tunes and eggs! We will be having an Easter egg challenge with you, can you guess what the winners reward will be? (hint: there have to be eggs involved)

So do not miss this special Rapalje Easter stream, we will be playing some cool Tunes and Reels and hope to see you all in the stream on April 5th 16:00 CET

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Dear audience,

Our 25th anniversary year unfortunately is going very differently than planned, but we are persevering! As you know, many of our shows have been canceled,  but we have organized live performances for everyone at very special locations. You can attend these concerts in your living room!

For these shows, you can buy a ‘ticket’ through a voluntary donation. You determine the price yourself and this is not required to view. This way you can help us to get food on the table and above all we can escape together to a world full of music and fun: will you be there?

Be Easy And Free
David, Dieb, Maceál & William

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