The Rapalje documentary: A Folk ‘n Roll Journey!

On Friday, January 6th we had the premiere of our brand new theater show “Folk ‘n Roll Journey”!

Even though we have been making music as Rapalje for 21 (almost 22) years, there still is something very exciting about a new theater show, because these performances are always completely different from a ‘normal’ gig. For instance; we have a decor, special effects, a story and of course dance! Those first shows are always very special and we are very grateful for the enthusiastic response and thunderous applause of the fantastic audience in the Lampegiet in Veenendaal! Our brand new song (Outlander fans will recognize it) was also received with great enthusiasm.

For anyone who wants to see our inspiration for this show, you can watch the documentary “A Folk ‘n Roll Journey” which Bastaard has made about us.

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Also been meaning to come along on our Folk ‘n Roll Journey? See you at one of the many shows!

Photo: Eric Pelgrom