We’re back again!

Since last Tuesday’s press conference, we have been in constant contact with the theaters. We are therefore very happy that we will start again with our Scotland’s Story theater tour, the next shows are in Zevenaar (29/1), Veenendaal (2/2) and Heiloo (5/2). And we are allowed to sell our merch before each show! We’ll take a small selection with us, which completely fits this show and it is possible to pay by card.

Of course we can’t wait for everything to be possible again without measures, but we see this as a step in the right direction. We are therefore very happy that we can play for you again. Are you ready for Scotland’s Story?

Check the applicable measures regarding Covid via our agenda at the relevant theaters. We will keep you informed of all the planned shows in the near future.

Christmas into Folk Watchparty

So we had our beautiful Christmas stream at the Archeon and we ran into someone at the end of the broadcast! You could say an old acquaintance, we have continued to make music of course. Want to see who we’ve met and what we’ve played after the stream ended?

Then join us on Sunday on Boxing Day at 16:00 CET during the Watchparty, we will continue with what happened after the stream, lots of fun, lots of music, will we see you then?

Merry Christmas from Rapalje & Crew

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website

Rehearsal Fairytale of New York

Fairytale of New York – Merry Christmas from Rapalje

We had a rehearsal for Fairytale of New York we wanted to share with you, during this stream we also revealed the Promo Code ChristmaswithRapalje for 15% off all our merchandise at https://rapalje.com/shop/

So get your Christmas presents and enjoy the full Live stream on Saturday, we hope to see you there!

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website


Christmas into Folk, because we love music

Why are we going to do Christmas into Folk again via the livestream? The first reason is of course clear, doing live shows is difficult at the moment and through the stream we can share Christmas into Folk with everyone. Why do we like this so much, because we love music of course! There are very few things more beautiful than stepping on stage and seeing an audience waiting for the first note to play.

We think the involvement of the public is great, giving someone a happy feeling, or letting them dream away to a holiday in Scotland and Ireland. Or to be moved by a beautiful song where you are touched by a memory. If you come home and want to hear a song from us because you enjoyed it that evening, that’s the biggest compliment for us.

But the people at Rapalje who are not on stage also like it, for example Jeroen and Sjors, our technical champions, they make sure that the light and sound work every time so that everyone can see and hear us. Jeroen and Sjors love the band’s enthusiasm to always and everywhere give the best for the audience, it is very contagious! At our office Rutger takes care of all the performances and the administration, he loves the freedom and all the unexpected things that working for Rapalje entail.

So everyone at Rapalje helps to make it a great Christmas into Folk, enjoy!

We hope to see you live on Saturday December 18 at 3:00 PM CET.

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website

Preparing Christmas into Folk

Preparing a Christmas stream, oh dear! Tomorrow (tuesday, 14.12.2021) we are going to rehearse live at Maceál and you can all join us at 20:00 PM CET on Facebook. We have lots of cool plans for the Christmas stream and we will be sharing some with you already so if you like that come hang out with us tomorrow.

We hope to see you live on Saturday December 18 at 3:00 PM CET.

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website

Christmas Into Folk Livestream

On Saturday, December 18 at 3:00 PM, you can see us live in the most beautiful medieval Christmas scene of the Archeon, Rapalje in a Christmas atmosphere! We are going to livestream again and will make it a special Christmas stream, live in the Archeon. Are you nearby? Come by and listen.

Do you have any song requests? Here’s a sneak peek from the old photo box!

We hope to see you live on Saturday December 18 at 3:00 PM CET.

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website


Kilts, kilts, kilts!

Don’t you just love kilts? We certainly do; our Celtic Folk Festival on October 29th features men in kilts….many men in kilts. So put on yours, your favourite Halloween or festival outfit and don’t forget those dancing shoes. Bagpipes, kilts and Guinness; we got you covered.

Less than 3 days to go, get your (online) tickets at: https://celticfolkfestival.com/tickets/?lang=en

Doors open at 17:00, the first band and the livestream start at 18:30!

Flashback to Celtic Folk Festival 2019!

Only a little over a week left until our Celtic Folk Festival starts! We can hardly wait and are soooo excited to finally celebrate life with you again! Wondering what an evening like this looks like or maybe you forgot after such a long time? Here is a video from the 2019 edition to get you as excited as we are. Don’t forget; if you can’t be there in person, you can also join us online and tickets are available for that. We hope every Rapalje, Saor Patrol and Flannery fan out there will join us, because this will be a night to remember!