Zomerfolk wins Best Festival award

During the CeltCast Fantasy Awards, an annual presentation of prizes in the International Fantasy Scene, our Zomerfolk Festival was voted Best Festival!

There were prizes in 9 different categories such as Best Live Act, Best Music Video, Best Album and Best Festival. We already won prizes in the pas, including Best Live Act and Best Merch. Alex van der Jagt, the brain behind Celtcast Radio and the organizer of the Fantasy Awards emphasized that we are the current record holder with most won prizes.

The Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival has been nominated before, but has not been able to cash it in so far. This year, Zomerfolk was the only Dutch festival that the so -called shortlist achieved and had to take on popular events in Germany, England and even Italy.

David could unfortunately not be at the presentation. He is currently busy with the final preparations for another festival of his hand: the sold -out Celtic Folk Festival that takes place on 11 March in Eelde. His reaction to winning: “Super fun! Really great and such beautiful other festivals that were also nominated. ”

Maceál, Sebastiaan Hidding and crew member Franca de Vrind were present and received the Award. Maceál thanked in detail everyone who had voted and mainly put the volunteers in the spotlight. “We thank the most important people of the festivals. Not only from Zomerfolk but from all festivals: the volunteers. Without them nothing would be possible. “