Rapalje re-opens WILDLANDS!

We have already visited many special locations during our live streams, but Monday May 25th will certainly be one of the highlights of our career. Due to the COVID-19 situation, WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen (NL) had to close its doors for a long time. As from Monday, this beautiful park will be open to the public again and we will play during this festive moment! Watch the live stream at 10:00 am (CET) or watch it back later; it will certainly be unforgettable. Would you like to visit WILDLANDS? Then go to https://www.wildlands.nl/ and reserve a day for your visit. And to support us, get your ‘ticket’ for this livestream at: https://rapalje.com/stream/

Let’s celebrate that this is a cautious step in the right direction and hopefully we can experience more and more of these wonderful moments together (online or in person). Be easy and free!

A dinershow with Rapalje!

A dinershow with Rapalje!

Will you join us for dinner this Saturday? Then, we will go to ‘Warehouse BBQ’, an initiative of The Cooking Highlander: one of the most famous event caterers in our country. For years they have brought their their famous BBQ to not only our Zomerfolk festival, but also Castlefest, Zwarte Cross, Mañaña Mañaña, Noorderzon and many more. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, they have, just like us, seen event after event being cancelled. However, they are not sitting still and have come up with the idea to have a barbecue for the city and “Ommeland” (a nickname for the areas of the province of Groningen that lie outside of the city) from their storage and kitchen in Groningen. On Saturday May 16 we give a livestream dinner show at 4:00 pm (CET) with delicious food and lots of music of course! Enjoy your meal!

Date: Saturday May 16th
Start: 16:00
Where: online
Cost: free but we really appreciate a donation via www.rapalje.com/stream

Back to school with Rapalje!


New live stream on Friday, May 8 at 4:00 PM (CET): www.rapalje.com/stream
Due to the current circumstances, not only education is seriously disrupted. Artists also are going through tough times and need to change their compass. For example, there have already been a large number of online concerts by both national and international musicians and the (online) creativity knows no boundaries. Rapalje wouldn’t be Rapalje if we didn’t come up with something new!

On Friday, May 8th, in preparation of the reopening of Dutch schools, an alternative online lesson will be given from primary school De Westerburcht in Eelde, led by no other than four enthusiastic teachers with an unadulterated Highlander profile.

We have put together a tight curriculum with the following components:
– How do the instruments of Rapalje work and what is, for example, a Low Whistle, Gitouki or accordion?
– How about those costumes: does all of Scotland wear a skirt?
– Geography and history: crash course about Scotland and Ireland

The connecting factor is of course music! The phrase “Let the cobbler stick to his last” applies here. In the curriculum various Rapalje songs are included and applied to the situation of the youngest among us. The dreamer, the doer and the thinker: we’ll conquer you all with our unconventional and quirky range of lessons!

Rapalje Zomerfolk definitely to 2021

Good evening,

We have decided that Rapalje Zomerfolk cannot continue this year.

We have tried to find an opportunity to keep Zomerfolk in 2020, but unfortunately that is not feasible. We are unable to organize a successful event on the chosen date in September. There are a lot of people who are cooperating to make the festival a success and unfortunately the puzzle falls apart on (too) many fronts. Various exhibitors and bands are not allowed, technicians have other projects, volunteers are unable to attend. We don’t want to compromise on the quality of our beautiful festival. We cannot help but skip our festival this year 2020. It is such a fantastic festival for us and we hope you all come on June 5 and 6, 2021. We are having a very difficult time with Rapalje with many uncertainties and we try to give you a nice moment every week with our live streams! www.rapalje.com/stream

Purchased tickets: all tickets will remain valid for the festival in 2021 and this will be a great edition where we will celebrate our anniversary. If you are unable to use the weekend of 5 and 6 June 2021, we offer you the opportunity to convert the tickets into a credit for other concerts and events where we perform.

Be healthy, easy and free

Rapalje Live Concert @ William’s

We’ll visit William’s place. This can only mean one thing; a great Sunday afternoon! Get your drinks, grab a bowl of crisps, prepare the barbecue for after the stream and enjoy a Sunday afternoon with William at the farm.

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You can buy a ‘ticket’ for this livestream or for the effort we take to bring all this live music to you: what you pay for this ticket is totally up to you!

Rapalje Live Concert @ the Woods

We are going to look for fairytales, wild animals and maybe some gnomes. In addition we are going to play your favourite songs!

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You can buy a ‘ticket’ for this livestream or for the effort we take to bring all this live music to you: what you pay for this ticket is totally up to you!

Easter Live Concert with Rapalje @ Maceál’s home

Join us for lots of live music in this special Easter Sunday live stream! We will also be decorating Easter eggs, searching for eggs, giving you tips and of course playing your favourite songs.

This stream is for free, but if you wish to support us directly, please buy a ‘ticket’ at

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Join our StreamTour!

Our 25th anniversary year unfortunately is going very differently than planned, but we are staying positive and instead of you coming to us, we will be coming to your house!

Get your ticket (voluntary contribution) to our livestream concerts, invite friends and family to watch from a distance and join us in a world full of music and fun. Be easy and free when you are dancing with me!

First upcoming livestreams (will also be staying available afterwards and this list will be updated everytime a new live stream is confirmed):
– Sunday April 12th: Easter special from Maceál’s Home!

Ways to support us:
Livestream (also to re-watch) and tickets: https://rapalje.com/stream/
Merchandise: https://rapalje.com/shop/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rapalje_celtic_folk_music
Get us a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/rapalje

Streaming tour drinking with you @ O’ceallaigh

Next Sunday, be online with us!

We are going to our favourite pub and play, drink, talk, show, and have a lot of fun with you at home!

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You can buy a ‘ticket’ for this livestream or for the effort we take to bring all this live music to you: what you pay for this ticket is totally up to you!