Caledonia - CD AlesiaCaledonia - CD Alesia

CD Alesia

 15,00 incl tax

2001. Album in linen with colour pictures


Alesia is one of our earlier albums and contains many fan favourites such as ‘Caledonia’, ‘In Search of a Rose’ and ‘The Wild Rover’. It is one of our most beloved albums. We believe it is the perfect addition to any folk music enthusiast’s collection.

Did you know?
The pictures for this CD were taken in Alésia, France. For the cover a famous scene from “Asterix and Obelix” was re-created. Alésia was the last village of Gauls in France as they resisted Roman occupation. During the Gallic war, in the Battle of Alésia, the Romans won the reign of the whole of Gaul, which then started the Gallic-Roman era. In this battle for Gaul, Caesar defeated the Arvernian leader Vercingetorix.

2001. Linen-bound album with colour pictures; 50 minutes, 14 songs

  1. The Crack was 90 in the isle of Man
  2. The Queen of Argyll
  3. Teetotaller, Star of Munster
  4. Caledonia, Inis Oirr
  5. The Spanish Lady
  6. Off to California, The Silver Spire
  7. Into Folk, The Irish Washerwoman
  8. Mo Ghile Mear
  9. As I Roved Out
  10. John Joe Gammon’s Jig, Tripping Upstairs, My Darling Asleep
  11. In Search of a Rose, Kaliope House
  12. The Town I Love So Well
  13. Sweeneys, Tjum Tjum
  14. The Wild Rover

Do you like songs like ‘Caledonia’ and are you looking for more CDs from the early days of Rapalje? Our albums ‘Rakish Paddies‘ and ‘Into Folk‘ are definitely perfect for you! And subscribe to our Youtube channel for lots of music and live streams!

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