CD Rakish Paddies

 15,00 incl tax

2003: Album in linen our 3 singles together


2003: linen-bound Album; 57 minutes, 21 songs

Our first 3 albums (‘Celts in Kilts’, ‘Rakish Paddy’ and ‘Wack fol the Daddy-o’) combined. The cover for this CD was painted by Dieb himself. The original painting is approx. 65×65 cm (25 3/8 x 25 3/8 inches) and hangs on the wall at Maceál’s. A very special reminder of the early days of Rapalje.

1. The Jolly Beggar
2. King of the Faries
3. Jock Stewart
4. The Drunken Sailor
5. William’s Favourite
6. The Lord of the Dance
7. Mrs. McCloud
8. Rakish Paddy/Sheilla Coyles
9. Stad Amsterdam
10. Into Folk
11. Cooley’s/Maid Behind the Bar
12. Al die willen te kaap’ren varen
13. Star of the County Down
14. Yo-skippely-die-dee-doe
15. Mairi’s Wedding
16. Peter Kelly’s Favourite
17. Ride On
18. Maggie in the Woods set
19. The Irish Rover
20. Unreels
21. The Old Triangle

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