“Where is Dieb and when will he be back on stage with you?” A question we have been asked numerous times for almost two years now. Our beloved Raggle Taggle Gypsy himself gave you the answer to this question in an emotional video.

After 27 years Dieb has left Rapalje, due to health reasons. We can hardly express into words how sad this has made us. So many wonderful memories, on and off stage, and not just with us: with you also! We will continue as a band and are confident we can carry on in a way that honors all of the work our wonderful friend has put into this band. We love you, Dieb!

Maceál, William, David, Jeroen, Rosalie, Madelief, Britt and Franca

Video: “Stad Amsterdam” at Dieb’s

Time for my personal favourite:

“De Stad Amsterdam”. During this song I can do what I love most: playing as wild as I can on my violin.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Yours, Dieb


Video: “Bog Down in the Valley-o” at Dieb’s

Welcome at my place!

The song we will sing for you now is amazing, but also very difficult: Bog Down in the Valley-o.

Can you sing along?

Yours, Dieb


Video: What Dieb did before Rapalje – Rapalje Show #46

In this special episode of the Rapalje Show, Dieb will tell you about his past before Rapalje and the beginning of the band! (more…)

TBT: our raggle taggle gypsy!

Dieb at a ‘Ruk en Pluk’ gig at ‘Strandbad Klausenhorn’ at the Überlingersee in Germany (1994) (more…)

Dieb: The Sick Note

Our very own ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’ Dieb has had surgery on his eye this week.