Rapalje congratulates Mark van der Stelt during Castlefest

Mark van der Stelt, organizer of Castlefest, had his birthday recently, which is why Rapalje had planned to break into the Vana Events office and fire a confetti cannon there. All this was filmed and shown to him during the Castlefest Home Edition 2020, where of course his reaction was recorded. You can see if everything is going as planned in this video.

First live concert with an audience!

On July 18th we will do a full show for a live audience for the first time since March 7th! This will also be a historic performance because for the first time ever we are having a drive-in concert! All this takes place in Viersen, Germany. Read on the website how this works and hopefully we will see many of you there, because this promises to be a fantastic, somewhat emotional and above all very special evening! For tickets and info go to: https://www.proticket.de/veranstaltung/16433-rapalje

Collector’s Items in our webshop!

As Maceál already told during Keltfest Online, we have found some old and rare pieces of merchandise. Test DVDs, mini CDs and more that are all in perfect condition but have never been in our webshop. We are now going to sell all these items and we have all signed them! Be quick because of most of them only a few are available and these will never be for sale again!

Collector’s Items: https://rapalje.com/product-category/one-of-a-kind/

Rapalje re-opens WILDLANDS!

We have already visited many special locations during our live streams, but Monday May 25th will certainly be one of the highlights of our career. Due to the COVID-19 situation, WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen (NL) had to close its doors for a long time. As from Monday, this beautiful park will be open to the public again and we will play during this festive moment! Watch the live stream at 10:00 am (CET) or watch it back later; it will certainly be unforgettable. Would you like to visit WILDLANDS? Then go to https://www.wildlands.nl/ and reserve a day for your visit. And to support us, get your ‘ticket’ for this livestream at: https://rapalje.com/stream/

Let’s celebrate that this is a cautious step in the right direction and hopefully we can experience more and more of these wonderful moments together (online or in person). Be easy and free!

Haal je eigen Cooking Highlander maaltijd in huis!

Heb jij gisteren ook zo lopen watertanden bij het heerlijke eten dat ons werd voorgeschoteld tijdens de livestream? Als je in Groningen en omgeving woont kun je volgende week al genieten van je eigen echte Cooking Highlander maaltijd! Ga naar https://www.warehousebbq.nl/ en zie hoe jij de lekkerste bbq gerechten van Nederland in huis haalt! Wij gaan binnenkort zeker weer langs in ieder geval.

Together we can help!

The culture industry is struggling. Many of our bookers have already had to let staff go or know that they have to do this soon, because the events and concerts they normally organize cannot take place this year. As a band we depend on these parties and owe a lot to them. That is why David started a crowdfunding. With these proceeds we hope to support at least some organisations, theaters, bands, stages,etc.: will you help? On our website we will regularly provide updates on who we can give how much, so that you know where your contribution will end up.

Join our StreamTour!

Our 25th anniversary year unfortunately is going very differently than planned, but we are staying positive and instead of you coming to us, we will be coming to your house!

Get your ticket (voluntary contribution) to our livestream concerts, invite friends and family to watch from a distance and join us in a world full of music and fun. Be easy and free when you are dancing with me!

First upcoming livestreams (will also be staying available afterwards and this list will be updated everytime a new live stream is confirmed):
– Sunday April 12th: Easter special from Maceál’s Home!

Ways to support us:
Livestream (also to re-watch) and tickets: https://rapalje.com/stream/
Merchandise: https://rapalje.com/shop/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rapalje_celtic_folk_music
Get us a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/rapalje

Webshop promotion!

If you want to support your favorite artists, buy their merchandise now 🙂 This does not have to be a huge purchase: every order helps! And because we want to show how grateful we are for all your support and to ensure that you don’t get bored without our shows, you get a free Rapalje card deck with EVERY webshop order until March 31! Have fun!

Webshop: https://rapalje.com/shop/

Belangrijk nieuws!

Morgen (zondag 15 maart) rond 14:30 zullen wij live een optreden verzorgen dat voor iedereen gratis online te volgen is! Culturele ondernemers in Groningen hebben zich verenigd en verzorgen sinds 17:00 uur vandaag 24 uur lang live een festival (zonder bezoekers) dat online gestreamd wordt via EM2 Livestream. Wij zouden het fantastisch vinden als jullie morgen allemaal meekijken!

Wij krijgen momenteel veel vragen van jullie over wat jullie extra kunnen doen om ons te steunen en te supporten. Dat vinden we heel erg lief en zullen we morgen nog wat kleine ideeën over geven, maar het belangrijkste vinden wij dat jullie blijven luisteren en kijken naar ons, genieten van onze muziek en ons vooral niet vergeten  Als dat gebeurd, redden wij het als band zeker wel!

Be easy and Corona-free!

Belangrijk nieuws inzake shows maart 2020!

Om verspreiding van het Coronavirus in te dammen heeft de Nederlandse overheid gisteren besloten dat evenementen met meer dan 100 bezoekers t/m 31 maart worden afgelast. Dit betekent helaas dat wij onze shows van aanstaande zondag in Westerbork, 19 maart in Barneveld, 20 maart in Stadskanaal, 21 maart in Haaksbergen en 27 maart in Oostburg moeten annuleren. Gelukkig hebben we voor Westerbork, Stadskanaal en Oostburg al een nieuwe datum kunnen regelen. Voor de overige 2 zijn we, samen met de betreffende theaters nog druk op zoek naar een oplossing. Daarover horen jullie meer zodra er wat bekend is.

Je kaartjes blijven geldig voor de nieuwe shows en je wordt vanuit de theaters geïnformeerd. Voor vragen over Westerbork kun je contact met ons opnemen: contactgegevens kun je vinden op onze website: www.rapalje.com.

Nieuwe data:

Westerbork: 4 oktober 2020
Barneveld: nnb
Stadskanaal: 30 april 2020
Haaksbergen: nnb
Oostburg: 25 april 2020

We hopen jullie allemaal op deze nieuwe data te zien, zodat we samen een mooi feestje kunnen bouwen! Voor Stadskanaal en Oostburg zijn er nog tickets verkrijgbaar.

Be easy and Corona-free!