Do you want to dance?


After several very successful performances in Belgium earlier this year, we are coming back to our southern neighbors this weekend!

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On Friday, April 22, we bring our Celtic Folk Night to De Stegel in Kinrooi, Belgium. Before we go on stage this evening, you can first enjoy the trio Katastroof from Antwerp! And if you want to dance, you can!

Saturday we will bring the party to Theater De Mozaïc in Wijchen. This is not a concert where you will stand; this is a concert where you will dance! Immerse yourself in the jigs and reels we play and it is guaranteed to be a fantastic night you will not soon forget!

Sitting still is also not required during the special concert that we give on Monday evening at the boulevard of Katwijk aan Zee! Because of their “Feestweek” we are there to give a great show!