And the next band for Zomerfolk 2017 is…

We are ready to announce the next band for Zomerfolk: PerKelt!

This band has played more than 700 shows throughout Europe, including Castlefest last year. Many of you have asked us whether the band could come to Zomerfolk and after Rapalje shared the stage with these talented musicians, it was directly decided that the band should be there at the 5th edition of our beautiful festival.

PerKelt plays Celtic, Medieval speed folk; with flute, harp, guitar, percussion and vocals they bring a unique energy to the audience. As with Rapalje it is difficult to sit still and beautiful melodic Celtic sounds will bring you into other realms quickly.

Soon we will announce the rest of the line-up. The Tannahil Weavers, Fling, Harmony Glen and now PerKelt are already confirmed and we have a lot more nice surprises in store for you!