Looking forward to Hallig Langeness, Ahlhorn and Tytsjerk!

We are playing on Friday at the amazing island of Hallig Langeness (DE), Saturday in Ahlhorn (DE) and sunday in Tytsjerk (NL), will we see you there?

Ground shaking jigs and reels, delicate ballads and a whiff of heavy metal provide you with the perfect opportunity to not care about every day life. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dance…

Two thousand years ago the Celts were driven off of mainland Europe. All Celts? No, one band bravely resisted the influx of modern pop and rock and found their own place in the world of music. Armed with nothing but their voices and instruments, Rapalje is raiding clubs and halls far and wide, looking to carry you away on a musical journey through Scottish Highlands, Irish valleys, taverns and inns.

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