“Where is Dieb and when will he be back on stage with you?” A question we have been asked numerous times for almost two years now. Our beloved Raggle Taggle Gypsy himself gave you the answer to this question in an emotional video.

After 27 years Dieb has left Rapalje, due to health reasons. We can hardly express into words how sad this has made us. So many wonderful memories, on and off stage, and not just with us: with you also! We will continue as a band and are confident we can carry on in a way that honors all of the work our wonderful friend has put into this band. We love you, Dieb!

Maceál, William, David, Jeroen, Rosalie, Madelief, Britt and Franca

So many awards!

Wow what an honor! Yesterday, after our show in Het Kielzog in Hoogezand, we were totally overwhelmed by no less than 3 Fantasy Awards! We were personally presented with the awards by our good friend Mark van der Stelt from Vana Events.

The award for “Best Merch” for the Rapalje Songbook, “Thanks for the Laugh” for our bird show during Zomerfolk 2019 and the “Positivity award” especially for Maceàl who creates wonderful livestreams for you every Tuesday, even during the COVID years. We want to say a big thank you to everyone for voting and of course CeltCast for organizing these fantastic awards!

Where are we going to meet you?

Drunen, Hoogezand, Steenwijk, Deurne, Balk, Borne and more! Have you seen our pretty full agenda yet? We are very happy that we can finally show our show “Scotland’s Story” to everyone! So invite your friends, your parents, your children, brothers, sisters, grandpa and grandma or with whomever you want to experience unforgettable moments and let’s all be easy and free!

Full agenda and tickets: https://rapalje.com/agenda/

Harderwijk 2 april

Bad news unfortunately. In consultation with Theater Harderwijk, we had to decide to cancel tonight’s performance “Scotland’s Story” and move it to Saturday, April 2, 2022.

This decision was not an easy one; we have never canceled a performance due to weather conditions before and would have loved to brave the storm for you. However, your safety is our top priority. People with a ticket are also informed by the theater. Take care everyone today and see you soon!

See you in Breda!


On February 12th we will come to Breda with our brand new theater show “Scotland’s Story”! There are still a few tickets available, but now show after show sells out fast, we advise you to act quickly.

During this show, with dance, sing-alongs like “Caledonia” and “Wat Zullen We Drinken” will pass by and of course songs from our most recent album “Scotland’s Story”. We also have a small selection of our merchandise and some special offers that only apply in the theaters. We are really looking forward to it and hope to see you at this special show!

Of course we can’t wait until everything is possible again without measures, but we see this as a step in the right direction. Check the measures in force regarding Covid via our agenda at the relevant theaters. We will keep you informed of all planned shows in the near future.

We’re back again!

Since last Tuesday’s press conference, we have been in constant contact with the theaters. We are therefore very happy that we will start again with our Scotland’s Story theater tour, the next shows are in Zevenaar (29/1), Veenendaal (2/2) and Heiloo (5/2). And we are allowed to sell our merch before each show! We’ll take a small selection with us, which completely fits this show and it is possible to pay by card.

Of course we can’t wait for everything to be possible again without measures, but we see this as a step in the right direction. We are therefore very happy that we can play for you again. Are you ready for Scotland’s Story?

Check the applicable measures regarding Covid via our agenda at the relevant theaters. We will keep you informed of all the planned shows in the near future.

Kilts, kilts, kilts!

Don’t you just love kilts? We certainly do; our Celtic Folk Festival on October 29th features men in kilts….many men in kilts. So put on yours, your favourite Halloween or festival outfit and don’t forget those dancing shoes. Bagpipes, kilts and Guinness; we got you covered.

Less than 3 days to go, get your (online) tickets at: https://celticfolkfestival.com/tickets/?lang=en

Doors open at 17:00, the first band and the livestream start at 18:30!

Flashback to Celtic Folk Festival 2019!

Only a little over a week left until our Celtic Folk Festival starts! We can hardly wait and are soooo excited to finally celebrate life with you again! Wondering what an evening like this looks like or maybe you forgot after such a long time? Here is a video from the 2019 edition to get you as excited as we are. Don’t forget; if you can’t be there in person, you can also join us online and tickets are available for that. We hope every Rapalje, Saor Patrol and Flannery fan out there will join us, because this will be a night to remember!

Flannery: Folk-Rock till you drop!

One of the most beloved bands of our Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival and rightly so! With Flannery you are always guaranteed a party and a musical spectacle. The music makes Celtic sounds pop, supported by heavy guitar music. Try to keep your feet still: go with that bagpipe!

Tickets for the Celtic Folk Festival in the EM2, Groningen on October 29 are now available in presale. Can’t attend? Then take a look online and make a reservation!

Saor Patrol: The Motörhead of Folk!

It is an honour and a privilege to have our good friends of Saor Patrol join us at our Celtic Folk Festival on October 29th. Everyone who has seen them on stage knows it is impossible to keep still during their shows. Bagpipes, drums and electric guitars; Saor Patrol has it all and more. Lemmy himself once named them “The Motörhead of Folk” and it’s a title they well deserve. We cannot wait to have these amazing musicians on our stage; Alba gu bràth!

Don’t have a ticket yet? You can get them (also the online edition) here: https://celticfolkfestival.com/tickets/?lang=en