Video: Here’s to You @ Odin’s Krieger Fest, Brazil

The celtic song and tune “Here’s to You” at the Odin’s Krieger Festival from our Brazil Tour in São Paulo, Brazil at Tropical Butantã.

Here’s to you is a song from The Oysterband and they combined the song with traditional Irish dance and session tunes

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Washed up in Coketown, down and halfway dead
Holes in my pockets, holes in my head
I was walking on the water, I was staring at the blue
Walking down the street and I started falling through

So here’s to you, whoever you may be
You that held me up when I was sinking in the sea
If you were in Kiltartan and me in Katmandu
I still would not forget you, and I’d do the same for you

Half a million strangers without a hand to lend
Anyone I talked to was my oldest friend
A barman or a policeman, a lamppost or a dog
I heard the Virgin Mary singing in the fog

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