The Strayaway Child – O’ceallaigh Irish Pub

The Strayaway Child – O’ceallaigh Irish Pub

We play The Strayaway Child mostly during our theatre shows with our wonderful dancers Rosalie & Madelief, at Zomerfolk we play this song with the bodypaint performance on stage. This video is from when we first presented our new CD Scotland’s Story in O’ceallaigh Irish Pub. Dieb plays all our difficult songs perfectly and never gets confused, this song is the one exception, it has six violin parts and for some reason Dieb has a hard time keeping them apart, luckily we are always there to help him =)

Background info

This classic 6 part jig was first recorded by the late Michael Gorman (1895-1970), a county Sligo fiddler who spent much of his adult life in the London area. The tune was popularized in the late 1970s by Kevin Burke and The Bothy Band. The Chieftains (one of our favourite bands) have recorded this song on their album A Chieftains Celebration.

The Strayaway Child

This amazing tune has no lyrics but here we have the sheet music so you can try playing The Strayaway Child for yourself.

The Strayaway Child
The Strayaway Child – Sheet Music
The Strayaway Child - Scotland's Story
Scotland’s Story album cover

Scotland’s Story is available on CD and Vinyl

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