Video: Unwrapping presents: Rapalje show episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 of the Rapalje Show! Maceál unpacks a mysterious package and David is combining sports and bagpipes!

As Maceál will show you we receive a lot of packages; often things we didn’t order or know what it’s for! The best things we get are the gifts from our fans however and we love to show you the amazing presents you give us. Including one very special one related to “Wack fol the Daddy-o” on the CD “Rakish Paddies”

Furthermore we will tell you how to get your very own free Rapalje flag. We will send such a flag with every order from our webshop! We only have a few left so don’t wait too long.

Finally David will show you how he cheered on runners by playing the bagpipes! We are still wondering though if they are running towards or away from him 😉

If you want to send us something like a letter or gift, you can do this to:

p.a. Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 133
The Netherlands

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