Visiting a Scouting Group – Rapalje Show 90

David and Maceál visit Scouting Group “De Havik” in Ommen, the Netherlands.

We had a lovely dinner with “stamppot”: Potatoes, carrots, union and sausages.

We learned what scouts do on a day like this: making things from wood and rope, play games, run, run and run, sing songs around the campfire

And we got a nice cup of coffee made with electricity in stead of wood-fire..



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Fishing with Musicians – Rapalje Show 89

Good evening and we’re live again at the Meister’s Forellenhof

It’s a beautiful place. Also to take a stroll in the evening. Just for a night walk or whatever. And we got a beautiful sunset

So we are going fishing for trout

It’s been a long time since I’ve been fishing, about 20 – 30 years

When I don’t got nothing to do I come here Just for rest

Normally I don’t got nothing. I don’t even need bait. I don’t hook the fish up. But, if I’m hungry, then it’s trout alarm

Then I’m coming with my special bait. I fish with worms and fake bait

And when we catch something. What are we going to do with it? Going to eat it! You kill it, I grill it

We look like real fisher men. Specially William with the beard

When we say in German: “Petri heil”. Means “Good luck for fishing” in German

If children what to fish here they have to do a 2 days course. To learn how to fish and to remove a hook from a fish mouth. Because it can be very painful. And how to kill a fish as well. If you want to eat him. Otherwise you throw him back and let him free

Fishermen always telling stories about these things. What the best bait is and whatever. But believe me. There’s no best bait. And there’s no good fishermen. There’s just stupid fish who bites in the bait

We are very good for the animals. We’re not a threat for animals at all. Maybe we will be vegetarians some day. We never catch animals. Vegetarians are only bad hunters

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Let’s go for a swim in Engelbert – Rapalje Show 88

with William at a diving tower in.. Engelbert “Anglebert”
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Alex from in Rapalje Show 87

Alex from is guest in our Studio.

We talk about our new album, how we first met, the festivals he is going to and streaming from and more..


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Video: Where do you watch our videos? – Rapalje Show 84

Welcome to another livestream on facebook. And another Rapalje Show on YouTube.

Where do you see our videos?

Because there are many videos every week with a live stream. We have a Rapalje Show made from this live stream. With extra material and videos I shot in between. Funny moments, things we’ve done in the past.

I want to know where you see our videos Do you watch them on YouTube? On Instagram? Facebook? On Vimeo? Or are you a patron

And you watch the videos on our Patreon account, with the extra videos we make as well

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Video: Last videos from Dominican Republic – Rapalje Show 83

Welcome to another episode from the Rapalje Show!

In this video you will see one of the last edits I did for the Dominican Republic We met our good friends, the musicians, from the band that performed, at our table and on all the tables from all the people who where eating there. We met them a couple of nights before because we did a session, played together on the beach

I found some other “gems”. Also did a very special edit I was waiting for because it was so much work to get it all synchronized. You will see this in the end and there’s a special treat for our patrons as well

On our Patreon page , you can also see and hear all the extra musicians and extra party and things we are doing on our tour in the Dominican Republic And this is an edit from all the places we performed this song “Galway Girl”

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Video: Good sound for you. Testing microphones with a vacuum cleaner – Rapalje Show 81

Good evening and live again as always on Tuesday evening on facebook

And this is also the recording for the Rapalje Show for next Saturday

And today I got a new topic: Testing microphones with a vacuum cleaner..

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Video: Subtitles in your language – Rapalje Show 80

I need to practice some more to write on this blackboard

I made some videos and some outdoor recordings from this nice building Zollhaus in Leer and how we are performing here

About 1/3 of all people who are watching the YouTube videos and also the livestreams, are Dutch. The other 1/3 is German and the 3rd 1/3 from another language and don’t understand German or don’t understand Dutch. So, that’s the reason that I talk English To make it easier for everybody. But I know not everybody understands English well enough That’s the reason we got subtitles

Maybe you have friends or family of colleagues who also want to understand what I’m talking about in English. With subtitles in your language. So we can try to find somebody who can translate it for you Please let me know where you’re coming from and which language you prefer..

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Video: My Day Off – #rapaljesetlist – Rapalje HORROR Show 79

Do you see a difference in the studio lighting?

Do you like this new LED panel light?

In this 79th episode from the Rapalje Show I show you my day off.

Let’s use hashtags #rapalje and #rapaljesetlist

Enjoy the Horror Show at the end of this video

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Video: How your Rapalje “Into Folk” T-shirt is made – Rapalje Show 78

Thank you very much for voting for us for the Bastaard Fantasy Award for “Best Live Act Nl/BE 2018”!

And welcome to another livestream from a special place. I’ve come to Amsterdam to screen print some new test T-shirts and T-shirts for patrons.


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