What will you eat?

A delicious piece of tender meat, a well-stocked pie, delicious vegan food, ice cream, fruit, brezels and even bugs: at Zomerfolk you can recharge yourself with the most delicious dishes!

For each wallet we have something and everything is of a very high quality. Furthermore:every caterer has a special Zomerfolk dish. We know we will certainly try the Irish Weed Bugger, the pancake with warm apple compote and ‘boerenjongens’ or a Dirty Chai! The following caterers will be at Zomerfolk 2017:

Bakblik (vegan)
Bugalicious (bugs)
Cooking Highlander (meat, knobi, wedges)
Everts Partycatering (fruit, juice, smoothies)
IJssie voor m’n Meissie (ice cream)
Koek & Zopie (coffee, tea, chocolatemilk)
Marskramers van Amsterdam (brezels)
Mead and More (mead)
Medieval Catering (pancakes)
Scottish Ale & Cider Bar (Ales & Ciders)
Wietse’s Pie (English Pie)