Video: Maceál’s Chaos Cooking at home – Rapalje Show #37

After the success of our first cooking video, Maceál will demonstrate in this video how he cannot cook!

We also show you our new van and Maceál gives you a small tour in the greenhouse of his neighbour, where he gets some of the ingredients for his ‘meal’.

This is the third video from the series where we show you how we sleep, eat and cook on festivals and on concerts.

And now it’s my turn to show you how I can not cook.

The ingredients are coming from several different places and opportunities.

This is the way I try to cook for you during a livestream on Facebook we do every tuesday night at 8 o’clock European time.

Before I got to the greenhouse of my neighbour to get some vegetables I also bumped into our new van..


Maceál’s Chaos Pasta

– tomato sauce
– tomatoes
– red bell peppers
– green bell peppers
– pasta (frozen)
– grated cheese
– pepper and salt to taste

Put your cookbooks (or takeaway menus) away for this. Get a pan and throw in the tomato sauce. Remember to yell at the sauce if it doesn’t come out; it helps! Cut the green bell pepper and throw it in with the tomato sauce. Do the same with the small tomatoes, but get tired of it after 2 and get the big tomatoes. Take the red bell pepper and get a big bite of it to make sure it’s not extremely hot (if it is….good luck). Cut the rest and throw it in the pan.

Make sure to film EVERYTHING before adding pepper and salt. Shake a random cake out of a jar. Stir the sauce if you need a break from all this. Shake the cake further until it is out of the jar, put a candle in it, light it and dim the lights. Blow out the candle and the cake is all yours, because there is no one else at your party!

Back to ‘cooking’. Get pasta from the fridge and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Relight the candle from the cake just because you can. Put the pasta and sauce on a plate and top with grated cheese. Enjoy!

Let us know in the comments what you think of these cooking videos and what you would like us to make next time!