Video: “Scotland’s Story” at William’s

In the car with friendly fans,

who brought me home after a gig, I heard this song. I knew immediately that I wanted to sing it too!

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Video: “The Butterfly” at William’s

I accompany the tune “The Butterfly” on the bodhrán,

while I enjoy the beautiful music my colleagues are playing.

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Video: Raggle Taggle Gypsy @ Balver Höhle Irish Folk Festival

Rapalje is performing “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” at The Balver Höhle

The Balve Cave is the biggest cultural cave in Europe. It is located in Balve, Germany. And every year the Festspiele Balver Höhle organization is presenting the Balver Höhle Irish folk & Celtic Music Festival.

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Video: “Home Is Where My Friends Are” at William’s

Welcome to my house and my kitchen!

While the meat is simmering, we are playing a song for you, written by me: Home is where my friends are

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Video: “Caledonia” at Maceál’s – At Rapalje’s home #4

A real crowdpleaser,

again recorded at my home. David plays the Irish bagpipes, or “Uilleann Pipes”, in this song about Scotland.

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Video: “The Galway Girl” at Maceál’s

This week we have recorded a video at my house that you can sing along to.

Even for us it is difficult to sit still during this song!

Thank you for listening again and watching us playing new songs for you at my home.

This song is about a very  beautiful woman from Galway. You can sing along: “On the day-a hey-a hey”

a song about the Galway girl..
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Caledonia – Rapalje @ Folk im Schlosshof 2009

The “Folk im Schlosshof Festival” took place in Bonfeld twelve years long, onetime a year, usually in June.

It was one of the best folk festivals in Europe. We are not claiming this without reason, that’s what the musicians, the visitors and the press say. Some of the most prestigious bands like the Dubliners, the Oysterband, Show of Hands, the Levellers, Rapalje and many more played at “Folk im Schlosshof”.

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Video: “Never Mind the Strangers” at Maceal’s

In our second video we are playing my favourite Rapalje song at my house

The next song is from our first album we ever recorded.

And we performed it a bit different: Dieb played the accordeon. I played on the gitouki and mouth organ. It changed a bit. Now we have David, playing the flute. Or the tin-whistle

And we want to sing this song for you because it’s my personal favourite. It’s kind of the glue that held or binds us together for the past 21 years:

It takes two to get together. It takes time to make it last. Never mind the strangers

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4K video: Rakish Paddies full album

Rakish Paddies is a CD album from 3 smaler CDs:

Celts in Kilts (1997)
Rakish Paddy (1999)
Wack fol the Daddy-o (2000)

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Video: Your performance in the Rapalje “Flatlands” music video January 2018

Please share with your friends to invite them to perform in this video for the next edit!

We will continue to add more people to this video this year..