Flannery: Folk-Rock till you drop!

One of the most beloved bands of our Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival and rightly so! With Flannery you are always guaranteed a party and a musical spectacle. The music makes Celtic sounds pop, supported by heavy guitar music. Try to keep your feet still: go with that bagpipe!

Tickets for the Celtic Folk Festival in the EM2, Groningen on October 29 are now available in presale. Can’t attend? Then take a look online and make a reservation!

Saor Patrol: The Motörhead of Folk!

It is an honour and a privilege to have our good friends of Saor Patrol join us at our Celtic Folk Festival on October 29th. Everyone who has seen them on stage knows it is impossible to keep still during their shows. Bagpipes, drums and electric guitars; Saor Patrol has it all and more. Lemmy himself once named them “The Motörhead of Folk” and it’s a title they well deserve. We cannot wait to have these amazing musicians on our stage; Alba gu bràth!

Don’t have a ticket yet? You can get them (also the online edition) here: https://celticfolkfestival.com/tickets/?lang=en

Groningen: home of Rapalje

Groningen; our City. Are you coming to our Celtic Folk Festival on October 29th? Then complete your weekend with a visit to our beautiful city and province. There are many hotels, b&b’s and hostels where you can stay overnight and the choice of fantastic restaurants and eateries is overwhelming. Walk through the always bustling center, take a bike ride through the beautiful nature or take one of the special city walks. Of course, a visit to the O’Ceallaigh Traditional Music Bar is mandatory. After all, this is the place where Rapalje once saw the musical light of day. The owners Peter and Evy can undoubtedly tell you wonderful stories and there are several old photos of us; can you find them?

Zomerfolk 2022 on 11 and 12 June

After consultation with the municipality of Groningen, we have a new date! The city park of Groningen is getting busier and we have of course managed to organize a very special festival that is slightly different from all other festivals. The municipality is happy with us and we are happy with you as an audience and that we can set up this festival here in a unique location! In the coming week we will do our best to convert everything back to the right date: you are the first to tell us this, because you are in our nice mailing! Go to Zomerfolk page

Zomerfolk 11 and 12 June 2022


“Er is genoeg voor iedereen”

To keep up your strenght during the Celtic Folk Festival on October 29th, the EM2 will serve several kinds of pizza. These include vegetarian and even vegan options. This location is also known for their extensive drinks menu and especially for this evening one is added: Guinness! The Cooking Highlander will also be there, so plenty of food for everyone! Since we and the other musicians of Saor Patrol and Flannery really want to connect with you during this festival, we will be backstage as little as possible and will be partying with all of you. So grab a pint and cheer together: Slàinte Mhath!

Tickets for the Celtic Folk Festival are still available (also for the online stream): https://celticfolkfestival.com/tickets/

A Rapalje Halloween!

Trick or Treat! It’s the month of all things spooky, the month of pumpkins, The Nightmare Before Christmas playlist on repeat, watching scary movies and re-watching Hocus Pocus for the 100th time: it’s almost Halloween!

And this year you can celebrate with us: at our very own Celtic Folk Festival in Groningen on October 29th. Dress up in your favourite Halloween costume and join us, Saor Patrol and Flannery for an unforgettable evening full of music and surprises. Can’t be there in person? Get your ticket for the online stream and make sure you don’t miss out.

Celtic Folk Festival Groningen

Finally we can do our Celtic Folk Festival again, this time at EM2 Groningen and we booked some amazing bands. Saor Patrol and Flannery will bring their strong folk tunes and of course we will be playing ourselves, so 3 great bands a nice venue and good food and drink!

Halloween costumes are welcome!

Come join us in EM2 Groningen on the 29th of October starting at 17:00 we hope to see you all there!

Tickets available here

We’re all Scotland’s Story

“We’re all Scotland’s story and we’re all worth the same”

Beautiful words straight from the text of Scotland’s Story and nothing better describes what this new theater show by Rapalje is about.
Rapalje takes another trip through the theaters and takes the audience to the highlands of Scotland with fiery bagpipes, sensitive ballads and stomping jigs & reels.

A brand new theater show full of stories, song and dance. A feast of recognition of classic Rapalje songs such as Caledonia and What will we drink combined with new repertoire.

Our new theater show can be seen this year in Berlicum and Hoorn, from next year in many theaters in the Netherlands and a few in Belgium.

You can see our full agenda here