Scotland’s Story coming soon

It is still full on summer, but we are already looking forward to starting our theater shows again, Scotland’s Story is coming to Borne to kick off the theater season there, it’s going to be an amazing show, will you join us there?

We are in Borne on September 10th, tickets are available here

“We’re all Scotland’s story and we’re all worth the same”

Celtic Folk Festival – Orvelte!

During our own Celtic Folk Festival in Orvelte on Sunday 22 May, two fantastic bands will be on stage: Fling and Cochon Bleu. Of course we also bring our infamous chaos and close this party with a set that lasts more than 1.5 hours. The festival takes place during the day and children up to the age of 12 have free entrance, so bring the whole family!



“Where is Dieb and when will he be back on stage with you?” A question we have been asked numerous times for almost two years now. Our beloved Raggle Taggle Gypsy himself gave you the answer to this question in an emotional video.

After 27 years Dieb has left Rapalje, due to health reasons. We can hardly express into words how sad this has made us. So many wonderful memories, on and off stage, and not just with us: with you also! We will continue as a band and are confident we can carry on in a way that honors all of the work our wonderful friend has put into this band. We love you, Dieb!

Maceál, William, David, Jeroen, Rosalie, Madelief, Britt and Franca

Theater Backstage Livestream

A new livestream, behind the scenes at our theater show in Stadskanaal on april 1st at 17:00h, we are going to do part of the build-up of our Scotland’s Story theater show together. William will probably be busy preparing the meal, our cool techs are carrying all kinds of equipment and the dancers are practicing their last steps.

Will you be there to see how it really goes backstage in the theater?

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website

Rapalje in Borne naar 10 september

In goed overleg hebben Rapalje en Kulturhus Borne besloten om een nieuwe datum te zoeken voor het theaterconcert van zaterdag 19 maart a.s.
De vaart zit te weinig in de kaartverkoop om er het grote verbroederende muzikale feest van te maken, dat we met ons allen voor ogen hebben.
Daarom wordt het concert verplaatst naar zaterdag 10 september en wordt Rapalje de seizoensopener van Kulturhus Borne. We hopen jullie dan te zien in Borne!


Be easy and free,

William, Maceál, Dieb & David

So many awards!

Wow what an honor! Yesterday, after our show in Het Kielzog in Hoogezand, we were totally overwhelmed by no less than 3 Fantasy Awards! We were personally presented with the awards by our good friend Mark van der Stelt from Vana Events.

The award for “Best Merch” for the Rapalje Songbook, “Thanks for the Laugh” for our bird show during Zomerfolk 2019 and the “Positivity award” especially for Maceàl who creates wonderful livestreams for you every Tuesday, even during the COVID years. We want to say a big thank you to everyone for voting and of course CeltCast for organizing these fantastic awards!

Celtic Folk Festival goes Open Air!

Celtic Folk Festival goes Open Air! May 22 in the museum village of Orvelte! With the best bands from Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival, we will soon announce who will play at this great festival, wonderful relaxed Folk music to enjoy with a snack or drink or walk around the beautiful market! You can also walk through this beautiful village

Of course we also play ourselves, so you don’t have to miss Rapalje’s stamping jigs and reels.

In collaboration with the Brokantien, we organize a nice Celtic festival market so that you can browse through all the beauty of our stands.

For the inner man there are more than enough stalls with good food and drinks, Celtic Folk Festival in Orvelte starts at 10:00 and closes at 17:00

We are so looking forward to the beautiful festivals that are coming up again, you don’t want to miss this one! Tickets are available here