We’re back again!

Since last Tuesday’s press conference, we have been in constant contact with the theaters. We are therefore very happy that we will start again with our Scotland’s Story theater tour, the next shows are in Zevenaar (29/1), Veenendaal (2/2) and Heiloo (5/2). And we are allowed to sell our merch before each show! We’ll take a small selection with us, which completely fits this show and it is possible to pay by card.

Of course we can’t wait for everything to be possible again without measures, but we see this as a step in the right direction. We are therefore very happy that we can play for you again. Are you ready for Scotland’s Story?

Check the applicable measures regarding Covid via our agenda at the relevant theaters. We will keep you informed of all the planned shows in the near future.

Christmas into Folk Watchparty

So we had our beautiful Christmas stream at the Archeon and we ran into someone at the end of the broadcast! You could say an old acquaintance, we have continued to make music of course. Want to see who we’ve met and what we’ve played after the stream ended?

Then join us on Sunday on Boxing Day at 16:00 CET during the Watchparty, we will continue with what happened after the stream, lots of fun, lots of music, will we see you then?

Merry Christmas from Rapalje & Crew

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website

Castlefest Surprise Livestream – Caledonia

So we had a holiday stream, which turned out to be Castlefest Surprise Livestream. A big surprise for Mark he didn’t have a clue of what was coming. A lot of the bands who should play on Castlefest recorded support messages, we hope to see them all again very soon.

We would have loved to play at Castlefest live this year but it didn’t take place due to Corona. This is a small compilation of the whole stream: www.rapalje.com/castlefestsurprise

We hope this video brings a smile to everyone.

David, Maceál, William & Dieb



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Rapalje Special Holiday Stream

Another Rapalje stream, it is holiday time! And we are going to play some tunes for you, we will show you the best place to enjoy a nice and relaxing holiday.

So get ready for some songs this summer stream! Should we get out off the swimming pool? Don’t forget the sunblock it is going to be a sunny stream 🙂

We hope to see you live on Friday 6 august at 20:00

Live on on Facebook, YouTube and our website

On the road again

Finally! We are on the road again, we had a small private show and we got to travel again. We took the Rapalje van and it felt like an adventure, check the video for our little road trip. We missed the small things., coffee at the gas station, a practice session while Jeroen was driving, testing for Covid just to be sure and William stayed over at Davids place before getting up early and starting the trip.

Enjoy the video!