Flatlands with lyrics – Zomerfolk

Flatlands with lyrics – Zomerfolk

The lyrics to this song are written by our own William for the album Scotland’s Story, we performed it for the first time at our Celtic Folk Night in Wilhemshaven. At the end of all our theatre shows we play this song to get the polonaise going, David & Maceal march through the concert hall and all the audience follows.

Background Info – Flatlands

Scotland the Brave is the bagpipe tune David plays during Flatlands, it is a Scottish patriotic song, one of several often considered an unofficial Scottish national anthem. The tune was first played probably in the late 19th century. The lyrics commonly used now were written about 1950 by Scottish journalist Cliff Hanley for singer Robert Wilson as part of an arrangement by Marion McClurg. “Scotland the Brave” is also the authorised pipe band march of the British Columbia Dragoons of the Canadian Armed Forces

Lyrics “Flatlands”

Good evening lads and lassies, are you happy all the way

We’re coming from the Flatlands, so some people say

We try our very best to make you allright tonight

We’re playing lovely folk songs and some tunes half the night


I was born to be a singer, but I didn’t knew by then

I had my first guitar when I reached the age of ten

My fingers were not bleeding, but I really tried out hard

So come on move your dancing feet, when the music starts


So there’s no other place, where I would rather be

To sing about this fucking life in peace and harmony

So won’t you come along and drink a pint or two with me

To sing about this fucking life in peace and harmony


I was lots of times in trouble, in my days at school

Just learning ‘n turning by the way and living by the ruule

We were waiting ’till the bell would ring and we’d go home, on straight

And picking up our instruments, “it’s getting really late”


I like to dance with women and I sang it all before

I drink a lot of whiskey and I drop dead on the floor

And when the cab is driving home and I remember when

The places where I’m going and the places that I’ve been


The night is coming to an end, but there’ll be plenty more to come

The crowd is going wild and they’ve been asking for “encore”

We don’t know where we’re going and whenever we’re coming back

I’ll see you all the next time, on the latest track

Flatlands played at zomerfolk with lyrics and background info
Flatlands played at zomerfolk with lyrics and background info

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