Video: “Loch Lomond” at David’s

Slowly darkness falls over my garden and the torches are lit.

From my balcony I watch until I can play.

“Loch Lomond” is a well-known Scottish traditional. We play it also, with our torches and the bagpipes

After the song we play “Farewell to the Creeks”. It’s standing in “The Scottish Guards”. It’s also a traditional Scottish tune.

We can not do it here inside. So we’re going back to the garden

Have fun watching this video! “Loch Lomond” at David’s

So, enjoy!, David

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Video: “Caledonia” at Maceál’s – At Rapalje’s home #4

A real crowdpleaser,

again recorded at my home. David plays the Irish bagpipes, or “Uilleann Pipes”, in this song about Scotland.

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Caledonia – Rapalje @ Folk im Schlosshof 2009

The “Folk im Schlosshof Festival” took place in Bonfeld twelve years long, onetime a year, usually in June.

It was one of the best folk festivals in Europe. We are not claiming this without reason, that’s what the musicians, the visitors and the press say. Some of the most prestigious bands like the Dubliners, the Oysterband, Show of Hands, the Levellers, Rapalje and many more played at “Folk im Schlosshof”.

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Video: Welcome to the Home of Rapalje! “Jock Stuart” at Maceal’s

We have recorded a very unique and personal video, just for you!

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Video: David (Scotland) the Brave!

“Scotland the Brave” (Scottish Gaelic: Alba an Aigh)

is a patriotic Scottish folk song and one of the main contenders to be considered as a national anthem of Scotland. In June 2006, the song came second to Flower of Scotland in an online poll with more than 10,000 votes to determine the nation’s favourite unofficial “anthem”. The song is used to represent Scotland in the Commonwealth Games.

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Video: Jock Stuart at Balver Höhle

I now really start to feel the pressure of doing so many gigs in a month and trying to keep the video’s coming.

Really hope that you continue to support us on Patreon so I can change some things like editing on a better (faster) computer or letting somebody else do this and some other work that needs to be done for posting videos and livestreams.

Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

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Video: Skye Boat Song from Outlander with Irish bagpipes + Lyrics

Outlander theme song: Skye Boat Song with Irish Bagpipes (Uilleann pipes) with Lyrics

The song tells how Bonnie Prince Charlie, disguised as a serving maid, escaped in a small boat after the defeat of his Jacobite rising of 1745, with the aid of Flora MacDonald. The song is a traditional expression of Jacobitism and its story has also entered Scotland as a national legend. (Wikipedia)

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Video: Johnnie Cope at Odin’s Krieger Festival, São Paulo Brazil

“Hey, Johnnie Cope, are Ye Waking Yet?”, also “Hey Johnnie Cope, are you awake yet?”, “Heigh! Johnnie Cowp, are ye wauken yet?”, or simply “Johnny Cope” is a Scottish folk song.

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Video: What (not) to wear under a kilt at the Appowila Highland Games – Rapalje Show #27

MaxGalleria GalleryThis will be a different Rapalje Show than you might be used to. In this show we’re going to vlog during the Appowila Highland Games!

The T-shirt I’m wearing is from a band called Prima Nocta. Check them out in our Rapalje Show T-shirt Playlist and the link in the description

And let me know in the comments if you like this type of Rapalje Shows

And what you’d like to see in the upcoming episodes

Be easy and free and enjoy!

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Video: Caledonia

Caledonia – with lyrics – Romantic Folk Song Ballad and Scottish folk song about Scotland. Written by Dougie MacLean. Well known versions from Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder, Scrum, Dolores Keane, Amy MacDonald

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