Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival: where folk fans unite!

Our own favorite part of Zomerfolk is a very special one, namely you; the audience!

We regularly read in the reviews of the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival a lot of compliments about the atmosphere and the gentleness of the visitors. Of course we are proud of this, but especially grateful. No fights, no gangs of thieves, no excessive drunkenness, but a very big party where everyone can be themselves and get along for 2 days. This is what “Be easy and Free” stands for and why Rapalje is bringing their own families and friends during the weekend; we are the most enthusiastic visitors of Zomerfolk!

Check the lineup (including information and music videos from the bands) and more information about the festival at https://zomerfolk.nl/category/festival-info/

Tickets are available at: https://zomerfolk.nl/zomerfolk-tickets