Video: Busindre Reel from Hevia @ Castlefest

Imagine yourself in a completely different world at Castlefest world music festival

The Fantasy festival of light in the Netherlands. A fest for young and old, where, as soon as you enter the gates, you find yourself in the Other World. Castlefest is a total experience with lots of music, fantasy writers, themed catering, medieval crafts and a large market which offers everything a fantasy fan is looking for.

Castlefest characterizes itself by a unique ambiance. This makes that regular visitors are looking forward to the next edition a year in advance. It creates a feeling where you find yourself in a completely different world, causing a daze and homesickness for weeks after the event took place.

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4K video: Rakish Paddies full album

Rakish Paddies is a CD album from 3 smaler CDs:

Celts in Kilts (1997)
Rakish Paddy (1999)
Wack fol the Daddy-o (2000)

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