Video: Busindre Reel from Hevia @ Castlefest

Imagine yourself in a completely different world at Castlefest world music festival

The Fantasy festival of light in the Netherlands. A fest for young and old, where, as soon as you enter the gates, you find yourself in the Other World. Castlefest is a total experience with lots of music, fantasy writers, themed catering, medieval crafts and a large market which offers everything a fantasy fan is looking for.

Castlefest characterizes itself by a unique ambiance. This makes that regular visitors are looking forward to the next edition a year in advance. It creates a feeling where you find yourself in a completely different world, causing a daze and homesickness for weeks after the event took place.

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Video: Busindre Reel (Hevia) – Odin’s Krieger Festival, Brazil

Busindre Reel (from Hevia) on Bagpipes by David Myles at Odin’s Krieger Festival, São Paulo, Brazil

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Video: Busindre Reel @ Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival

Busindre Reel from Hevia at Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival
Zomerfolk is the festival to be at if you love celtic music, traditional folk music, Irish music, Scottish music, Irish Folk Dance, Kilts, bagpipes and of course us from Rapalje!

The Tune  “Busindre reel” can be found on:

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