Video: How to take good videos with your smartphone for our video clip – Rapalje Show #40

I will tell you how you can take good videos with your smartphone and have great audio quality as well! Will you be in our official music video for “Flatlands”?

Most smart phones take amazing videos with good sound quality, so why not just join in and record a video of yourself dancing and singing along to our song “Flatlands”? You will see it back in our official music video.

And are you our Patreon? Then you get your very own music video with just you and Rapalje cut by Maceál, or Maceál even records the whole video with you!

Now you can film yourself for our brand new official music video for the song “Flatlands”. You can make this video yourself and I’ll explain to you how to do that on your smartphone.

  • Use high resolution (1080P HD – 4K UHD)
  • Clean your lens with soft cotton or microfibre cloth
  • Shoot horizontally (wide)
  • Use enough light, go outside on a bright day or set up lights indoor
  • When you use the flashlight on your smartphone, take the phone out of the case to avoid reflections
  • When you see flickering or lines, set frame rate to 25 or 30 fps



You can shoot and upload your video without Patreon.

We’ll save your video and use a small part for our “Flatlands” music video.

Here you can see how to upload the video:

  • Go to
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Add files by selecting the video from your library
  • Email of recipient:
  • Type your email address
  • Type a message (optional)

If you want your own personal music-video from “Flatlands” please support us at Patreon

As a patron you’ll get:

  • The “Flatlands” music video with us and your performance for download ($10 tier)
  • Maceál will record the video for you in our Rapalje studio with a tour and goodies! ($20 tier)

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