International Bagpipe Day – Rapalje Show 91

On March 10th it was International Bagpipe Day.

Right on the day that we also planned a livestream on Facebook. So David Myles came over to the Rapalje Studio and we showed the different bagpipes used at concerts from Rapalje..

International Bagpipe Day is now a well established and increasingly popular event. Every March 10th you are invited to go out and play your pipes – anywhere, anyhow to anyone! In 2013 we had an excellent event in Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford – amazingly – visitor numbers increased by 25% compared to normal attendance at that time of year. We also received reports back from around the world, ranging from a pipe band performance in an underground cavern in South Africa, to a party on an Athenian hill in Greece.


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Video: David’s Disturbing Bagpipes – Rapalje Show 70

A Happy New Year!

Did you get out of bed? Most of you celebrated probably

Please tell me in the comments If you really had a hard time getting out of bed

You have a hangover? Did you have a party?


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