Video: My Day Off – #rapaljesetlist – Rapalje HORROR Show 79

Do you see a difference in the studio lighting?

Do you like this new LED panel light?

In this 79th episode from the Rapalje Show I show you my day off.

Let’s use hashtags #rapalje and #rapaljesetlist

Enjoy the Horror Show at the end of this video

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Video: “Business Trip” to the Dominican Republic Part 3 – Rapalje Show 75

This is no fun guys This is a hard job. This is not a holiday trip

We played all day. And yesterday. This is a business trip

What business are we going to do for the next few days?

Swimming and sailing with a catamaran

What kind of birds do live here? Some birds in tiny bikinis. A coot. It’s just the normal Dutch and German bird. A Egret over there That’s a very normal bird in Europe as well. There’re a lot of turtles. Flamingos. Doves as well . The tiny “blackbirds” who steel the food. They are from the crow family. Very small and very slender. Actually very nice. Anacondas?

Here are trees, actually growing in salt water. It’s really a very old forrest. This is just around where we are in the hotel. There’s really this nature which we don’t know in Europe. This is so different. Every plant, everything is different. The birds are the same as at home. But the surroundings and the plants are absolutely different. I saw some plants we got at home as well. They grow here for free. In the flower shop they sell it to us. T

Did we get any sun? Are we brown? It’s warm and there’s a lot of sun and yeah, we’re coming home, not brown, but red! Because the sun is really strong here.

Dieb brought his old violin because it’s very loud acoustically.
Today and yesterday we played acoustically. And it reminded me of the older days when Mace├íl and me where together as street musicians. And how hard it was, and a lot of work, just to make sound that people can hear me. That’s why I have the loud violin “Il Canone” We got a lot of problems hearing each other. William: Has nothing to do with the acoustics but with your ears..

Have we seen any sharks? It’s on the program: “See some sharks”

I think it’s funny that you travel half around the world and you get a T-shirt and colours like this: In orange, red, blue and white. When we see a flag that almost looks like a Dutch flag, like in the North of Germany, they also got a flag like in The Netherlands. Almost, a bit upside down. I will show you some other Dominican Republic flags. So this is what I was wearing

We are going to play a song. We’re going to make some music for you

So, audience, please clap!

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Video: Our “Business Trip” to the Dominican Republic – Rapalje Show 73

The first video from Dominican Republic ready!. I had to go through hours of video material.

“Live at 8 o’clock in the afternoon. We are in the jungle of the Dominican Republic.”

“It is 3 o’clock here”

‘Cause we are not exactly on the other side of the world. I think about 1/3 on the other side of the world. So that’s 5 hours difference”

Wiliam: “Or they got different watches here. That could be..”

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