Dunmore Lassies – Back to School

We gave a musical lesson at primary school De Westerburcht in Eelde on the Friday before the schools were allowed to reopen after they were closed by Covid-19. The images during Dunmore Lassies are holiday photos from Ireland by David Myles

Dunmore Lassies

This is a traditional also called Dunmore Lasses or Morrison’s Reel.

The original title is Morrison’s Reel and refers to Galway flutist Tom Morrision (1889-1958). When recording the melody at 78 rpm in 1927 it was titled “the Dunmore Lasses”

Morrison’s Reel

Three-time Ireland champion Irish flute player Paddy Carty (1929-1985, Loughrea, County Galway) recorded the tune as “Morrison’s” on his 1975 Shanachie Records album. Carty was known for his smooth East Galway playing style.

Sheet music Dunmore Lassies

Practice Dunmore Lassies with David Myles

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Glen Coe – Pumpkin’s Fancy – Theater het Kielzog

During the corona lockdown we gave a unique concert stuffed toys in the Kielzog theater in Hoogezand. We opened the concert with Glen Coe – Pumkin’s Fancy and we had to do this concert without our violinist Dieb.

Glen Coe

Glen Coe is a fantastic volcanic valley in the Scottish highlands. The valley is named after the river Coe flowing through it.

The song, the melody of which we play on the bagpipes, is about the “Massacre of Glen Coe” The Glen Coe Massacre from 1692, in which 37 men of the Clan Donald were slaughtered and at least 40 women and children perished.

Pumpkin’s Fancy

Composed by Dublin piper (GHB variety) Terry Tully, This is one of the first hornpipe tunes our David learned. The song is characterized by the slides that you hear in the song.